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What Exactly is SchoolRiver APX?

SchoolRiver APX transfers or automates many of the coding, archiving processes related to K-12 school attendance, freeing staff and teachers to focus more of their energy on higher value tasks that truly improve educational outcomes.

A Typical SchoolRiver APX Setup

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The SchoolRiver APX Suite

"Roughly 15 more minutes of school a day (or about an additional week of class over an academic year) relates to an average increase in overall academic achievement of about 1.0 percent, and a 1.5 percent increase in average achievement for disadvantaged students."

Wassmer, Robert and Jez, Su Jin. "The Impact of Learning Time on Academic Achievement"

"Total learning time was one of the strongest predictors of student outcomes among the long list of policies ... identified and analyzed."

Hoxby, Caroline M., Sonali Murarka, and Jenny Kang "How New York City's Charter Schools Affect Achievement"

"SchoolRiver APX streamlines the Attendance Audit process, the Course Attendance (CAR) Audit, and the Student Data Audit required for CALPADS SPRG Audit (Reconciliation), which in return is required for Fall 1 and EOY CALPADS submissions."

Charter High School Administrator Los Angeles, CA

"SchoolRiver APX helps school and district administrators much more efficiently collect, synthesize and supply verifiable, auditable data on Special Education students, Migrant Program students, Free or Reduced Price Meal Program (NSLP) students and Gifted and Talented Education Program students for CALPADS reporting purposes"

CIO California-based High School

“The APX Discrepancy Solver has reduced the amount by 90% the time required to rectify the 300-400 daily discrepancy records at our school. What used to take two full time persons to manage this tedious and error prone process is now done in minutes”

CIO Los Angeles based High School

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