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At the heart of the APX platform is the APX Administrator console. This application provides centralized settings and options needed to manage the kiosks, desktop apps and online apps that make up the entire APX platform.

APX Admin Overview

APX Admin Features

  • Centralized console to manage all kiosks
  • Extensive kiosks control
  • Create and assign new users
  • Remotely launch and refresh applications
  • Create and manage custom bell schedules
  • Manage Digital Signage Options

APX Admin Benefits

  • Full granular control of available features
  • View all running applications at a glance
  • Define operating rules and other options
  • Complete centralized control
  • Launch new applications with a single click
  • View all activity in real time

APX Admin Walkthrough

APX Connected Device Statistics

The APX Admin is the center console that provides all of the relevant statistics being created from the operation of the various modules and kiosks. Each module and kiosks writes data to a single location, that is actively monitored by the main admin application. Performance is then measure and reported to ensure that applications are running within their defined limits of operation. All data is then stored permanently in low cost storage devices, in order to ensure that operational data is fully available for audit purposes.

  • KPI's customizable by school or district
  • Trend reports easily generated
  • Equipment life and usage tracked effortlessly
  • Overall system health monitored without difficulty

Extensive Device Control

The APX platform is unique in that it operates in both online and offline modes. Furthermore, separate modules and kiosk applications can access the host computer’s file system and make use of hardware features (like USB, Bluetooth and attached human interface devices). This capability also extends to access to other parts of the network including hard drive storage, printers, scanners, etc.. Additionally, the platform modules can also integrate with other devices such as barcode readers.

Digital Signage Editor

Digital signage is a sub segment of signage that has become very popular lately. Digital signages use technologies such as LCD, LED and other forms of projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media and information. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, etc, to provide directions, highlight exhibitions, and provide marketing and outdoor advertising. The APX Digital Signage module is included to provide these capabilities within school campuses.

"SchoolRiver APX streamlines the Attendance Audit process, the Course Attendance (CAR) Audit, and the Student Data Audit required for CALPADS SPRG Audit (Reconciliation), which in return is required for Fall 1 and EOY CALPADS submissions."

Charter High School Administrator Los Angeles, CA

The SchoolRiver APX Suite

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