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Processing signature critical forms such as early leave forms or absence clearance forms is often a big consumer of time for a school's attendance office. Eliminating coding and archiving functions via APX Office is a true time saver.

APX Office Overview

APX Office Features

  • Students submit signed forms with data pre-loaded in a readable, Quick Response (QR) code
  • Administrative staff simply verify the parent or guardian signature and scan the document into Aeries®
  • All data, along with the scanned and signed consent form, is automatically uploaded and archived in Aeries®
  • One APX kiosk can process 6-10 excused absence, early leave or consent forms per minute
  • System seamlessly integrates data between Aeries® and SchoolRiver APX

APX Office Benefits

  • Assigns non-critical coding functions to students, but keeps critical verification tasks in the hands of staff
  • Reduces manual coding and archiving tasks so staff can focus on decreasing tardies, absences and truancy
  • Seamlessly integrates data between Aeries® and SchoolRiver APX
  • Automates all coding and archiving needed when early leave and absence clearance forms are received
  • Directly reduces operational costs for schools and districts

APX Office Walkthrough

Detailed Attendance Statistics

Customizable, built-in dashboards ensure that key attendance data is always at hand. As an option, administrators have the freedom to identify their own KPI's (Key Performance Indicators), monitor trends, and display relevant KPI's at different locations around a school or district.

  • Gain quick overview of key attendance statistics
  • View daily, weekly & monthly absences and early leaves
  • Monitor students who have not yet served detention
  • Compare with data aggregated or overlaid from SIS
  • Build customized dashboards to suit your school or district

Processed Documents Archive

At the core of the APX Office module, a powerful scanning system enables quick processing of early leave and absence clearance forms. Additionally, any signature-critical documents can be scanned and archived for on-demand retrieval. In order to facilitate independent verification, document viewing can also be made available to outside auditors, thereby eliminating the need for auditors to physically travel to each school.

  • Unlimited storage space for scanned documents
  • Data storage terms of 10+ years available
  • On premise or remote access
  • Document archive available online or offline
  • Remote document printing via Google Cloud Print
  • High-resolution document rendering

Advanced Absence Processing

Beyond its scanning, storage and document retrieval features, APX Office automatically synchronizes with Aeries®, ensuring that every aspect of the early leave and absence clearance process is adequately reflected in the SIS. Prior to scanning, office staff may add notes or make changes to documents submitted by students (e.g., modify reason for absence; change range of periods, etc.), and these are automatically registered in Aeries® as well.

  • Low-cost document scanning hardware used
  • Absence forms automatically archiveds
  • Changes in Aeries® synchronized in seconds
  • Standardized absence forms increase efficiency
  • Supplemental notes from doctors or others easily added
  • Searching by student, type of absence, date range, etc.

APX Office + Discrepancy Solver

Increase the power of APX Office by running it in unison with APX Discrepancy Solver. Enhanced absence and early leave automation provided by APX Office is then paired with direct access to all unresolved discrepancies in a seamless centralized view. This helps ensure that attendance staff efficiently process absences for students who have had excused absences for certain periods of the day. Use of both modules in tandem is highly recommended for schools with high attendance discrepancy levels.

  • School administrators determine whether unresolved absences tied to pending discrepancies can be cleared
  • Staff access access complete discrepancy history by teacher, period, student, etc.
  • Forms signed by adults linked to pending discrepancies
  • Absence and early leave forms digitally archived
  • Entire attendance record viewable when absences coincide with pending discrepancies

"Total learning time was one of the strongest predictors of student outcomes among the long list of policies ... identified and analyzed."

Hoxby, Caroline M., Sonali Murarka, and Jenny Kang "How New York City's Charter Schools Affect Achievement"

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