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School River's APX Fast Tardy Pass application provides a fast and efficient way to log late-arriving students for detention management purposes, and get them to their first period class as quickly as possible - and increase instructional time.

APX Fast Tardy Pass Overview

APX Fast Tardy Pass Features

  • Late-arriving students scan their ID cards under a bar code scanner or log in via touchpad
  • Thermal printer provides date- and time-stamped tardy slip for students to hand to their teacher
  • All relevant information gets logged automatically into Aeries® for later review by staff responsible for detentions, make-up days and attendance reporting
  • One FTP kiosk processes up to 15 students per minute

APX Fast Tardy Pass Benefits

  • Automates tardy management for first-hour processes, assemblies, special events, and throughout the day
  • Reduces manual coding and archiving tasks so staff can focus on decreasing tardies, absences and truancy
  • Ensures tighter controls in detention management
  • Directly reduces operational costs for schools and districts
  • System seamlessly integrates data between Aeries® and SchoolRiver APX

APX Fast Tardy Pass Walkthrough

APX Fast Tardy Pass Kiosk

First-period processing of late-arriving students can be challenging. Many larger high schools see 80-100+ first-period tardies each day. In many instances, paper-based systems and time consuming coding processing are used to make sure tardies translate into detentions. Using SchoolRiver APX Fast Tardy Pass, however, schools can quickly process students and get them to class, increasing instruction time and freeing teachers from having to record those tardies.

  • Student tardy pass issued in 3 seconds
  • Tardies automatically sent to APX Detention module
  • Direct synchronization and recording to Aeries®
  • Teachers freed from need to stop and record tardies
  • Paper based tardy tracking systems eliminated
  • Students take more responsibility without sacrificing data integrity
  • Student ID use motivated where use currently sporadic

APX Fast Tardy Pass Introduction

Enhance your Aeries® attendance management processes by reducing the amount of time needed to code and archive tardies - whether excused or unexcused. Generate more and more accurate and verifiable data for ADA, CALPADS, LCFF/LCAP reporting purposes. And help counselors and staff to better focus on those students and families for which truancy is a real issue.

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